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ENNT626 Genome Analysis In Plants 927003 1 2 7.5

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Assist Prof. Dr. Musa KAVAS

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Plant Genomics and Proteomics, Christopher A. Cullis, A John Willey&Sons,Inc. Publication,2004. Genomes, 2nd edition Terence A Brown. Department of Biomolecular Sciences, UMIST, Manchester, UK Oxford: Wiley-Liss; 2002 O. Caldente and W. Barz, 2002, Plant Biotechnology and Transgenic Plants, Taylor and Francis

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Recently, the need for next-generation sequencing system as well as developments in other areas of molecular biology in plants, gene structure, function and diversity of existing knowledge has increased about. The resulting use of this information, the crop production is confronted offers new opportunities for solving problems. In this context, both in plants and to increase efficiency in the development of new varieties resistant to adverse conditions, increased efforts are continuing. The purpose of this course on the basis of plant genomics and proteomics aims to introduce students to the latest developments in the field. Plant gene and genome structure in plants Complex Features Manipulation and Identification, Plant Genome Project and sequencing strategies, the new discovery of genes in plants Bioinformatics Tools The use of plant gene expression in regulation, Plant Molecular Biology and Bioethics.

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1 Structure of Genes and Genomes in plants
2 Genome size and diversity
3 Gene cloning strategies in plants
4 Whole genome sequencing and mapping studies
5 Sequencing Strategies
6 Discovering genes, gene sequence analysis, identification of data
7 Regulation of gene expression
8 Functional Genomics (Expression profiling, DNA microarrays for expression analysis)
9 Miidterm Exam
10 Functional Genomics (EST and SAGE analysis, Proteomics)
11 And molecular marker systems The identification of QTL mapping etc.
12 Marker aided selection and classical plant breeding plants
13 New sequencing analysis of the data with bioinformatics tools
14 New sequencing analysis of the data with bioinformatics tools

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1 1238384 Plant genes in the genome and will be able to grasp the connection between trankripto.
2 1238385 Gene expression in plants will have information about how to edit.
3 1238386 DNA sequencing technique will have general information about.
4 1238387 Plant genome and transcriptome sequencing to analyze the use of systems for the new generation will have information about.
5 1238388 A new gene which can be found using the data and learn what tools.

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