Ders Öğretim Planı

Ders Kodu Ders Adı Ders Türü Yıl Dönem AKTS
GMB622 Taze Et Teknolojisi* 927003 1 1 6

Haftalık Ders İçeriği

Hafta Teorik Uygulama Laboratuar Ders Notları

Bölüm Program Çıktıları

# Program Çıktı Id Açıklama
1 74700 Improving and investigating the depth of knowledge and expertise in Food Engineering based on the qualifications of undergraduate programme in food engineering or different area.
2 74701 Gaining the ability to use the computer softwares in the required field along with using information and communication technologies at an advanced level.
3 76213 Defining the Engineering problems, their formulating and solving.
4 76214 Understanding the interaction between the disciplines related to Food Engineering field, creating new informations and solving the problems expertising needed by means of scientific research methods
5 76215 Gaining the ability to apply the therotical and practical knowlegde in the specialized area of food engineering.