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Description of Individual Course Units

Course Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleType of CourseYearSemesterECTS
ÇMB344 Water Supply&Wastewater Disposal II 927006 3 6 6
Level of Course Unit
First Cycle
Objectives of the Course
Distribution of drinking water to the settlement with the grid system in the cities, to provide the accumulation of extensive knowledge on the use of wastewater and discharged systems with separate and combined systems.In addition, 3 project proposal files will be prepared as the application of theoretical knowledge. Preparation of project proposal file by drawing the projects related to the removal of drinking water network, sewerage network and rainwater.
Name of Lecturer(s)
Doç.Dr. Hülya Böke ÖZKOÇ
Learning Outcomes
  1. To be able to assimilate the basic information for the infrastructure (drinking water, sewage and rain water)
  2. Preparing infrastructure projects and proposal file within the framework of ilbank regulation
  3. Individual or interdisciplinary working together
  4. Identify and solve problems in infrastructure
Mode of Delivery
Formal Education
Prerequisites and co-requisities
Recommended Optional Programme Components
Recommended or Required Reading
Warren, V.J. and Hammer, M.J., 1980. Water Supply and Pollution Control, Other Harpen ve Row Boks.Hardenbergh, A.W., 1990. Water Supply and Purificationü, International Texbook Company.Muslu, Y., 1991, Su ve Atıksu Teknolojisi, İTU, Sayı:1452.Karpuzcu, M., 1998, Su Temini ve Çevre SağlığıI, İTU,Ders Notları.Samsunlu, A., 1986, SuGetirme, 9 Eylül Üni., MM/Çev-86 EY 107.Samsunlu, A., 1979, Su Getirme ve Kanalizasyon Yapıtlarının Projelendirilmesi,Ege Üni. İnşa. Fak. Ders No.5.
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Language of Instruction
Work Placement(s)
Course Contents
Water distribution systems and principles to be considered. Dead point method and Hardy cross method. Water distribution system applications.Channel Systems Used in the Removal of Waste Water in the City and Comparison of Current Channel Systems in the Special Structures of Channels and Channel Networks. Channel systems account. Waste water installation of buildings. Different situations in the passage of channel longitudinal sections. Operational elements of the channel network.Rainwater collection. Rainwater flow rate calculation. Flow in rain water and channels. Unified system channels. Planning centers and planning. Phase Eng. Discussion of Water Removal in its Applications.Project proposal file (construction plan, implementation of the plan, drawing of account plan and control of account plan) will be prepared.Project proposal file (pipe numbering and quotation display, flow direction definition and network pipeline, floor and channel profile calculation, spreadsheet) will be prepared.Rain water project proposal file (Sample rainwater project, description of the channel profile calculations, completion of the media hydraulic calculations and the completion of the platform base elevation calculations).
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
Week Theoretical Practice Laboratory
1.Water Dispensing Systems and ConsiderationsPresentation and evaluation of drinking water network project sample
2.Dead point method and Hardy cross methodIllustration of drinking water network construction plan and account plan
3.Water distribution system applicationsConstruction plan and account plan control (Prb. Set 1)
4.Channel Systems Used in the Removal of Waste Water in the City and Comparison.Delivery of drinking water project proposal file
5.Calculation of current and channel systems in special structures of channels and channel networkIllustration of sewerage project example
6.Waste water installation and calculation of buildingsHow to make pipe numbering and quotation (Prb. Set 2)
7.Different situations in the passage of channel longitudinal sectionsFlow direction identification and network pipeline
8.Operational elements of the channel networkCreating account and account table of ground and channel profile
9.Delivery of sewer project proposal file (Prb. Set 3)
10.Rainwater collectionSampling and examination of rainwater sample project
11.Rainwater flow calculation and rain water flowDefinition of the channel profile accounts
12.Unified system channelsCompletion of medium hydraulic calculations and medium base elevation calculations
13.Promotion centers and planningDelivery of rain water project proposal file (Prb. Set 4)
14.Environmental Eng. Discussion of Water Removal in its Applications
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Workload Calculation
ActivitiesQuantityTime(hours)Total Workload(hours)
Midterm Examination144
Final Examination177
Report Preparation31030
Report Presentation3618
Project Preparation32163
Project Presentation326
Project Design/Management11222