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Description of Individual Course Units

Course Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleType of CourseYearSemesterECTS
2306015142012 Business Statistics 927001 1 1 7
Level of Course Unit
Second Cycle
Objectives of the Course
Teaching of quantization techniques to apply statistical methods to business problems encountered
Name of Lecturer(s)
Learning Outcomes
  1. Data collection techniques can be applied
  2. Descriptive statistics measurements can be calculated
  3. Aplications of normal distribution can be used
  4. Estimation of parameters can be done
  5. Hypothesis tests can be applied
Mode of Delivery
Evening Programme
Prerequisites and co-requisities
Recommended Optional Programme Components
Recommended or Required Reading
Armutlulu İ.H. İşletme İstatistiğine Giriş, Beta, 1999
Özkan Y., Uygulamalı İstatistik 1-2, Sakarya Yayıncılık
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Language of Instruction
Work Placement(s)
Course Contents
Data and Information Concepts, Collection and Sampling Techniques of Data, Descriptive Statistics, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion, Measures of skewness and kurtosis, Random Variables and Probability Distributions, Specifical Probability Distributions, Probability Density, Normal Distribution, Sampling Distributions, Parameter Estimation and Hypothesis Testing.
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
Week Theoretical Practice Laboratory
1.Data Information Concept
2.Collection Data and Sampling Techniques
3.Content of Descriptive Statistics
4.Measures of Central Tendency
5.Measures of Dispersion
6.Measures of skewness and kurtosis
7.Random Variables and Probability Distributions
9.Special Probability Distributions
10.Probability Density
11.normal Distribution
12.Sampling Distributions
13.Parameter Estimation
14.Interval estimation
15.Hypothesis Testing
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Workload Calculation
ActivitiesQuantityTime(hours)Total Workload(hours)
Midterm Examination111
Final Examination122
Attending Lectures177
Problem Solving31030
Self Study157105