Ondokuz Mayis University Information Package / Course Catalogue


The Rector is the formal head of the university. He is appointed for a period of four years by the President of Turkey from among candidates elected by the University academic staff proposed by the Higher Education Board. He is the Chairperson of the University Administrative Board and Senate. He implements the resolutions of the governing bodies of the higher education, reviews and decides on the proposals of the university board and ensures coordination among organizations attached to the university. 

Three Vice Rectors are appointed by the University Rector among Professors employed in the University to assist him during his term of office. 

The University Rector may also appoint advisors to the Rector. 

The University Senate comprises the Rector as Chairperson, the Vice Rectors, the Deans, a representative from each Faculty and the Directors of the Graduate Schools and Schools directly attached to the Rectorate. It is the chief academic body of the University. It is responsible for research, pedagogical and study matters which affect Ondokuz Mayıs University or any central institute.

The University Administrative Board consists of the Rector as the Chairperson, the Deans and three Professors selected by the University Senate for a period of four years.


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