Ondokuz Mayis University Information Package / Course Catalogue


The academic year consists of two 14-week (70 work days) semesters. The Fall Semester lasts from September to January and the Spring Semester lasts from February to June. There are separate academic calendars for the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. The University Senate can extend or shorten the length of semesters if necessary.


New Year’s Day                                               1  January

Sovereignty Day / Children’s Holiday                  23 April

Tribute to Atatürk /Youth Day                            19 May

Victory Day                                                      30 August

Day of the Republic                                           29 October

Summer Holidays                                              July-August


The examination dates slightly vary each year. However, the end of the Fall Semester examinations generally commence in the first week of January and runs for about 11 days. The end of the Spring Semester examinations are held in the first week of June and lasts for around 11 days.


Ondokuz Mayis University Information Package / Course Catalogue - Academic Calendar