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There is a Guesthouse located in Kurupelit Campus with 22 rooms and 48 beds capacity, located in a place with a great view of sea. There are also a restaurant, patisserie and game room in the Guesthouse.





The hotel, which is next to an Olympic pool by the sea-side, has a capacity of 44 rooms and 90 beds. The hotel includes conference rooms, ball rooms and in the summer season, the hotel includes beach volleyball, wet football and children’s game area.



State Dormitories

   State dormitory capacities in the city centre are:

          In Kurupelit Campus: 1027 female students and 1728 male students

          In İlkadım Dormitory (nearby city centre): 1664 female students and 132 male students


        Milli Piyango Dormitory in Bafra district: 256 female students and 256 male students

        Dormitory in Çarşamba district: 155 female students and 125 male students

        Dormitory in Terme district: 192 female students and 128 male students

        Dormitories are now being constructed in Havza, Ladik and Ondokuz Mayıs districts.

        Dormitories are equipped with studying rooms, libraries, TV and leisure salloons and sports facilities.

Private Dormitories

There are fully equipped dormitories located nearby Kurupelit and İlkadım Campuses of the University. Most of the private dormitories are very comfortable and they are run professionally.

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