Ondokuz Mayis University Information Package / Course Catalogue


The Alumni Coordinatorship has been established under the OMU Rectorate in order to keep in contact and ensure cooperation with our university graduates, dynamize relationships, provide data for the studies of our university and hold events to bring our graduates together.

A webpage of the OMU ALUMNI COORDINATORSHIP has been created;

►An Alumni Information System has been established to further cooperation and communication webs with our alumni.

►Up to date data such as job postings, examination announcements, university news and events are announced through the web page devoted to our graduates and our social media accounts.

►Events are held where graduates and students of our university are brought together and share experiences.

►A photo gallery is created with a graduation ceremony and alumni day album.

►Events are held where our graduates are brought together through Alumni Day programs.

Address: OMU Student Life Center 1st Floor 55139 Atakum/SAMSUN
Phone    : +90 (362) 312 19 19 Extension:1691
Web Page: http://mezun.omu.edu.tr/
Alumni Information System Membership: http://mbs.omu.edu.tr/users/sign_up
E-mail: mezunlar@omu.edu.tr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mezun.omu.edu.tr/
Twitter    : https://twitter.com/mezunomuedutr



Ondokuz Mayis University Information Package / Course Catalogue - Alumni Coordinating Office