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In order to follow the attendance, academic progress of the students and to guide them in their registration and course enrollment processes an academic advisor is provided to students beginning from the freshmen year. Academic advisor helps, leads and monitors the student during his/her period of study. The courses that the student will take each semester and any changes in the student’s program is approved by the academic advisor taking into consideration his/her academic development. Head of each department requests from the academic advisors to report about their students’ progress that they are consulting.


A supervisor is appointed to all students enrolled to graduate programmes (Master’s with Thesis, Master’s without Thesis and Doctoral Programmes) until the end of the first semester. Thesis supervisors are chosen from the faculty members. The Administrative Committee of the Graduate School makes decisions about the appointment of the thesis supervisor, co-thesis supervisor and changing supervisors with the recommendation of the Head of the Programme.

Supervisors are helps, leads and monitors the students mainly on:

Follow the courses and academic performance of the students.

To guide the students abour selection, withdrawal and recognition of the courses.

To inform the students on the relevant directives and the regulations of the University.             

To help the students on selecting the thesis or term project  subject and writing a proposal, regarding the skills and fields of interest of the students.

To lead the students for improving their skills on reaching, creating and assessing the information.

To lead the students for planning the thesis or term project.

To monitor and evaluate the progress of the thesis or term project periodically, to determine if the research complies with the stated objectives .

To encourage the students to implement a research project on the study.

For doctoral programmes, to arrange the qualification exams, supervisory committee meetings, and dissertation process.


Psychological Guidance and Counseling Unit offers comprehensive and confidential service to students. Students are offered individual and group counseling and social work services.

The Unit gives guidance and counseling services to students about thesocial, cultural and emotional challenges they face as well as the issues about their career plans. The main activitiy area of the unit are:

-To assist the new students for their adaptation to the University through informing them about the university, regulations and the city.

- To determine the problems of the students and to cooperate with the relevant institutions about the solutions of these problems.

-To guide the students about selecting the right field of study regarding their skills and field of interests, especially for the students who wish to transfer to another programme.

-To offer individual and group counseling to students facing emotional problems. To help the students on coming to a true knowledge of themselves, on decision making for important matters and for a more efficient communication with others

-To search and determine the appropriate resources for fulfilling the economic and social needs of the students and help the students to reach those sources.

Ondokuz Mayis University Information Package / Course Catalogue - Counseling Services for Students